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Lots of great titles all in good to excellent condition. No rips ,tears all in protective sleeves.
( ) are double/Triple lps.
(Shipping available media mail. Minimum purchase of five for shipping. Postal Money orders only)

$6 and up

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1.Al Di Meola-Land of the Midnight Sun-PC 34074-$6.00
2.Foghat-Foghat-BR 2136-$8.00
3.The Guess Who-Live at the Paramount-LSP-4779-$6.00
4.The Who-Quadrophenia (2)-MCA 2-10004-$12.00
5.Alice Cooper-Killer-BS 2567-$8.00
6.Vanilla Fudge-Vanilla Fudge-SD33-224-$6.00
7.Uriah Heep-Live(2)-SRM-2-7503-$10.00
8.Grand Funk Railroad-Survival-SW-764-$6.00
9.Robin Trower/Bill Lordan/Jack Bruce-B.L.T-CHR 1324-$6.00
10.Jeff Beck-Blow by Blow-PE 33409-$8.00
11.The Byrds-The Byrds(2)-G-30127-$12.00
12.Nektar-Down to Earth-PPSD-98005-$6.00
13.Wham-Make it Big-FC 39595-$6.00
14.Captain Beyond-Dawn Explosion-BS 3047-$10.00
15.Elvis Presley-Girls!Girls!Girls!-LPM 2621-$8.00
16.Elvis Presley-Kissin' Cousins-LSP 2894--$8.00
17.Blue Oyster Cult-Extraterrestrial Live (2)-KG 37946-$10.00
18.Them-Them Again(Mono)-PA 61008-$10.00
19.Lonnie Mack-Whatever's Right-EKS 74050-$8.00
20.Blue Oyster Cult-Some Enchanted Evening-PC 35563-$6.00
21.Aerosmith-Get Your Wings-KC 32847-$8.00
22.Jimi Hendrix-Soundtrack Recordings from the Film (2)-2RS 6481-$12.00
23.Bad Company-Bad Company-SS 8410-$8.00
24.Rolling Stones-Let it Bleed-NPS-4-$10.00
25.Creedence Clearwater Revival-Willy and the Poor Boys-8397-$8.00
26.John Lennon-Imagine-SW 3379-$10.00
27.David Bowie-David Live (2)-CPL2-0771-$12.00
28.Grand Funk -Were an American Band-SMAS-11207-$8.00
1.The Flying Burrito Bros.-Close Up the Honkey Tonks(2) -SP 3631-$8.00
2.Mahogany Rush-IV-PC 34190-$6.00
3.Phil Manzanera-Primitive Guitars-EGED 14-$6.00
4.Phil Manzanera-801 Listen Now-PD 1-6147-$6.00
5.Ringo Starr-Ringo-SWAL 3413-$10.00
6.The McCoys-You Make me feel so Good-BLP S213-$8.00
7.The Hollies-Hollies Greatest -PCS 7057-$10.00
8.Roy Orbison-Greatest Hits-(Mono)-HA-U 75-$6.00
9.Ars Nova-Ars Nova EKS 74020-$6.00
10.Steve Miller Band-Children of the Future-SKAO 2920-$6.00
11.Redeye-Redeye-PE 10003-$8.00
12.Sam The Sham &The Pharaohs-Li'l Red Riding Hood (Mono) E 4407-$8.00
13.Miles Davis-Sketches of Spain (Mono) CL 1480-$30.00
14.Stanley Turrentine-Let it Go AS 9115-$6.00
15.Bruce Springsteen-Born in the U.S.A -44-05147-$8.00
16.Rough Trade -Rough Trade Live (Numbered) UMB DD1-$12.00
17.Black Oak Arkansas-Black Oak Arkansas-SD 33-354-$6.00
18.Dinah Washington-Dinah Washington Sings the Blues (Mono)-GA 33-318-$6.00
19.Grand Funk-Shinin' On-SWAE 11278-$8.00
20.Eric Clapton-Behind the Sun- 9-25166-$6.00
21.Grand Funk-Were an American Band-SMAS 11207-$10.00
22.Hendrix-Band of Gypsys -(German edition) 2480-005-$20.00
23.Janis Joplin-I got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama-KCS 9913-$6.00
24.The Rolling Stones-Englands Newest Hit makers (Mono) LL 3375-$12.00
25.Lou Reed-Coney Island Baby-APL 1-0915-$8.00
26.George Harrison-Dark Horse-SMAS 3418-$8.00
27.Lennon/Plastic Ono Band-Shaved Fish-SW 3421-$20.00
28.Lynyrd Skynyrd-Street Survivors-MCA 3029-$8.00
29.The Firm-The Firm-81239-1-$6.00
30.King Crimson-In the Wake of Poseidon SD 8266-$20.00
31.Willie and The Poor Boys-Willie and the Poor Boys-PB 6047-$8.00
32.Wings -Wings Over America(3)-SWCO 11593-$15.00
33.Michael Jackson-Thriller (Picture Lp)- 8E8-38867-$25.00
34.The Yardbirds-Shapes of Things (2) Clear Lps-Bomb 104.5-$25.00
35.The Doors-The Doors-EKS-74007-$8.00
36.Elvis-Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite (2)(Quad) VPSX 6089-$15.00
37.Simply Red-Picture Book-60452-1-$6.00
38.The Allman Brothers Band-Beginnings (2) SD 2-805-$8.00
39.Buddy Holly-Buddy Holly-(Picture Disc)-AR 30006-$20.00
40.Neil Young with Crazy Horse-Everybody Knows this is Nowhere-RS 6349-$8.00
41.Chicago Transit Authority-Chicago Transit Authority(2) -GP 8-$10.00
42.The Rolling Stones -Flowers-PS 509-$10.00
43.UFO-No Place to Run -CHR 1239-$8.00
44.The Rolling Stones-Sucking in the Seventies-COC 16028-$10.00
45.Aerosmith-Rocks-PC 34166-$6.00
46.Van Halen-II-HS 3312-$8.00
47.Bob Seger &The Silver Bullet Band -Night Moves-ST 11557-$6.00
48.Elvis Presley-Elvis Christmas Album-(Mono) LPM 1951-$10.00
49.Eric Burdon &The Animals-The Twain Shall Meet-SE 4537-$8.00
50.Jefferson Airplane-Crown of Creation-LSP 4058-$6.00
51.Spirit-The Family That Plays Together- Z12-44014-$6.00
52.The Viscounts-Harlem Nocturne-AMY 8008-$8.00
53.Yes-Yessongs -(3)-SD 3-100-$15.00
54.The Fixx-Reach the Beach-MCA 5419-$6.00
55.Crow-Crow Music-ST 5002-$8.00
56.Bruce Springsteen -Born in the U.S.A. -QC 38653-$8.00
57.The Rolling Stones-Some Girls-COC 39108-$10.00
58.Howlin ' Wolf-The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions-CH 60008-$8.00
59.Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band-Against The Wind-SOO 12041-$6.00
60.King Crimson-In the Wake of Poseidon-SD 8266-$25.00
61.Trapeze-Hold On- PLD 2003-$8.00
62.Clapton,Beck and Page-White Boy Blues (2)-672005-1-$12.00
63.Queen-A Night At the Opera-7E 1053-$8.00
64.Elvis-Almost In Love (German)-CDS 6014-$10.00
65.The Cars-Heartbeat City-60296-1-$6.00
66.The Who-Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy-DL-79184-$10.00
67.Jethro Tull-Aqualung-MS 2035-$8.00
68.Bon Jovi-Slippery When Wet- 830 264 -1-$10.00
69.Van Halen-Diver Down-BSK 3677-$8.00
70.Scorpions-Love at First Sting-814 981-1-$8.00
71.Grand Funk-Phoenix-SMAS 11099-$6.00
72.Ted Nugent-Ted Nugent-PE 33692-$8.00
73.Manfred Mann's Earth Band-The Roaring Silence-BS 2965-$8.00
74.Frank Marino &Mahogany Rush-Live-JC 35257-$8.00
75.Robin Trower-Bridge of Sighs- CHR 1057-$8.00
76.Robin Trower-Twice Removed From Yesterday-CHR 1039-$10.00
77.Don McLean-American Pie-UAS 5535-$10.00
78.Wishbone Ash-Wishbone Four-MCA 327-$6.00
79.Wishbone Ash-There's the Rub-MCA 464-$6.00
80.John Lennon &Plastic Ono Band-John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band-SW 3372-$10.00
81.Mahogany Rush-IV-PC 34190-$6.00
82.Ten Years After-Watt-XDES 18050-$8.00
83.Spyro Gyra-Access All Areas-(2)-MCA2 6893=$10.00
84.Spyro Gyra-City Kids-MCA 5431-$6.00
85.Spirit-Twelve Dreams of Dr.Sardonicus--KE 30267-$8.00
86.Santana-Santana-PC 9781-$6.00
87.Chuck Berry-The London Chuck Berry Sessions-CH 60020-$6.00
88.Aretha Franklin-Lady Soul-SD 8176-$8.00
89.Savoy Brown-Raw Sienna-PAS 71036-$8.00
90.Creedence Clearwater Revival-Green River-8393-$8.00
91.The Del Fuegos-Smoking in the Fields-9860-1-R-$6.00
92.Trapeze-Hot Wire-BS 2828-$8.00
93.ZZ Top-El Loco-BSK 3593-$6.00
94.The Kinks-One For the Road(2)-A2L 8401-$12.00
95.Jimi Hendrix Experience-Smash Hits-MSK 2276-$12.00
96.Stray Cats-Built For Speed-ST 17070-$8.00
97.Earth Wind & Fire-Open Our Eyes (Quad)-CQ 32712-$8.00
98.Trapeze -Medusa-THS 4 -$20.00
1.Guess Who-Share the Land -LSP 4359-$5.00
2.Lee Michaels-Live(2) SP 3518 Promo-$8.00
3.James Brown & The Famous Flames-Cold Sweat-KS-12-1020-$12.00
4.Byrds-Mr. Tambourine Man -CL-2372,Mono- $8.00
5.Blood Sweat and Tears-Child is Father to the Man-CS-9619-$6.00
6.Peter Frampton-Frampton Comes Alive (2)-SP-3703-$6.00
7.Jethro Tull-A Passion Play-CHR-1040-$5.00
8.Bloodrock -Live (2)-SVBB-11038-$10.00
9.Pat Benatar-Get Nervous-CHR-1396-$5.00
10.Rolling Stones-Out of our Heads-LL-3429,Mono-$15.00
11.Ted Nugent-Free for All-PE-34121-$7.00
12.Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless-CP-0115-$20.00
14.Montrose-Paper Money-BS-2823-$6.00
15.Rare Earth-In Concert (2)-R-534D-$12.00
16.Cold Blood-Sisyphus-SD-205-$5.00
17.Foghat-Rock and Roll Outlaws-BR-6956-$8.00
18.Trapeze-You are the Music...Were just the Band-THS-8-$10.00
19.Yardbirds-Legends of the Yardbirds-F-80017-$20.00
20.ZZ Top-Fandango!-BSK-3271-$8.00
21.Grand Funk Railroad-Mark,Don &Mel (2)-SABB-511042-$12.00
22.Stray Cats-Rant N' Rave-SO-17102-$7.00
23.Jethro Tull-Best Of-FV-41078-$6.00
24.Edgar Winter Group-They only come out at Night-PE-31584-$6.00
25.Rolling Stones-Dirty Work-OC-40250-$15.00
26.Elvis Presley-Girl Happy-LPM-3338 Mono-$10.00
27.Power Station-The Power Station-SJ-12380-$6.00
28.George Thorogood &the Destroyers-Live-ST-517214-$6.00
29.Jo Jo Gunne-Jumpin' the Gunne-SD-5071-$5.00
30.Monkees-Headquarters-COM-103 Mono-$10.00
31.Elvis Presley-Golden Records Vol.3-LPM-2765 Mono-$10.00
32.Chicago-2 (2)-KGP-24-$8.00
33.Crosby,Stills,Nash &Young-Deja Vu-SD-7200-$7.00
34.Fats Domino-A lot of Dominos-LP-9127 Mono-$10.00
35.Alan Parsons Project-I Robot-AL-7002-$5.00
36.Ted Nugent-Cat Scratch Fever=JE-34700-$8.00
37.Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes-Survival of the Fittest Live-24-4035-$12.00
38.Deep Purple -Machine Head-BS-2607-$10.00
39.Country Joe and the Fish-Electric Music for the Mind and Body-VSD-79244-$15.00
40.Pretty Things-Savage Eye-SS-8414-$12.00
1.Jackie Wilson-You ain't heard nothin Yet-BL-54100 mono-$10.00
2.The 5th Dimension-Greatest Hits on Earth-Bell-1106-$5.00
3.Doobie Brothers-Toulouse Street-BS-2634-$8.00
4.Diana Ross-Lady Sings the Blues (2)-M-758-D-$8.00
5.Sonny & Cher-Look at Us- ATL-5036 mono-$8.00
6.Go West-Go West-FV-41495-$6.00
7.Bloodrock-Bloodrock 2-ST-491-$6.00
8.Foghat-Stone Blue-BRK-6977-$6.00
9.Tommy Bolin-Private Eyes-PC-34329-$5.00
10.Elvis Presley-Girls!Girls!Girls!- LPM-2621 mono-$10.00
11.Greg & Duane Allman- Greg &Duane Allman-SPB-4046-$10.00
12.Hollies- Bus Stop-LP-9330 mono-$10.00
13.James Brown-James Brown Plays James Brown-Today and Yesterday-SRS-67072-$10.00
14.Grand Funk-All the Girls in the World Beware!!-SO-11356-$10.00
15.Neil Diamond-Hot August Night (2)-MCA-2-8000-$10.00
16.Vanilla Fudge-The Beat goes On-SD-33-237-$8.00
17.Bruse Springsteen-The River (2)-PC2-36854-$12.00
18.Miles Davis-Sketches of Spain-CS-8271-$30.00
19. Miles Davis-Porgy and Bess-CL-1274 mono-$25.00
20.The Band-Stage Fright-SW-425-$10.00
22.Stevie Wonder -Looking Back (3)-M-804LP3-$10.00
23.Stanley Clarke-I wanna play for You (2)-KZ2-35680-$8.00
24.Bob Dylan-John Wesley Harding-CS-6904-$10.00
25.Byrds-Younger than Yesterday-CL-2642 mono-$10.00
26.Rolling Stones-Its Only Rock N Roll-COC-79101-$12.00
27.Jimi Hendrix-Rainbow Bridge-MS-2040-$10.00
28.David Bowie-ChangesOneBowie-AQL-1-1732-$20.00
29.Jimi Hendrix-The Cry Of Love-MS-2034-$12.00
30.Deep Purple-Who Do We Think We Are-BS-2678-$10.00
31.Led Zeppelin-Soundtrack from the film The Song Remains the Same (2)-SS-2-201-$25.00
33.Lou Reed -Rock N Roll Animal-APL-1-0472-$10.00
34.Deep Purple-Shades of Deep Purple-T-102-$15.00
35.Derek and the Dominos-Layla and other Assorted Love Songs (2)-PD-2-3501-$15.00
36.Doors-Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine (2)-8E-6001-$12.00
37.Beatles-Love Songs (2)-SKBL-11711-$17.00
38.Beatles-A Hard Days Night-UAL-3366 mono-$25.00
39.Beatles -Rubber Soul-T-2442 mono-$25.00
1.Alive N Kickin' -Alive N Kickin'-SR-42052-$12.00
2.Mothers of Invention-Cruising with Ruben &the Jets-V6-5055 X-$25.00
3.John Lennon-Mind Games-SW-3414-$12.00
4.Jethro Tull-Aqualung-MS-2035-$10.00
5.Doors-Absolutely Live (2)-EKS-9002-$17.00
6.Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes-Survival of the Fittest-Live-24-4035-$12.00
7.Jimi Hendrix-The Essential Jimi Hendrix Vol.2 -HS-2293-$17.00
8.Chicago-Two (2)-KGP-24-$10.00
9.Cream-Disraeli Gears-SD-33-232-$8.00
10. Woodstock-Original Soundtrack (2) missing 1 lp-SD-3-500-$5.00
11.Wilson Pickett-The Wicked Pickett-SD-8138-$10.00
12.Vanilla Fudge-Near the Beginning-SD-33-278-$8.00
13.Young Rascals-Young Rascals-SD-8123-$8.00
14.Blood Sweat and Tears-Child is Father to the Man-CS-9619-$8.00
15.Young Rascals-Groovin'- SD-8148-$12.00
16.Prince-Sign "O" the Times-9-20648-0-$10.00
17.Moody Blues-On the Threshold of a Dream-DES-18025--$8.00
18.Monkees-More of the Monkees-COM-102 mono-$8.00
19.Lighthouse-One Fine Morning-3007-$6.00
20.James Brown and his Famous Flames-Tour the U.S.A.-804-mono-$12.00
21Joe Cocker-Joe Cocker-SP-4224-$6.00
22.Herbie Mann-Right Now-1384 mono-$10.00
23.Herbie Mann-Herbie Mann at the Village Gate-ATL-1380 mono-$12.00
24.Electric Flag-A long Time Comin'-CS-9597-$10.00
25.Crosby Stills Nash & Young-4 Way Street (2)-SD-2-902-$12.00
26.Al Kooper-Easy Does It (2)-G-30031-$10.00
27.Climax Blues Band-FM/Live (2)- SAS-2-7411-$10.00
28.Sarah Vaughan-Sarah Vaughan's Golden Hits-SR-60645-$10.00
29.U2-Wide Awake in America-A1-90279-$12.00
30.Steppenwolf-Live (2)-DSD-50075-$12.00
1.Aretha Franklin-Aretha Arrives-SD-8150-$10.00
2.Billie Holiday-A Rare Live Recording of Billie Holiday-M-2001-$10.00
3.Allman Brothers Band-Enlightened Roads-CPN-0218-$7.00
4.Bob Dylan-Another Side of Bob Dylan-CL-2193 mono-$10.00
5.Cal Tjader-Soul Bird Whiffenpoof-V6-8626-$10.00
6.Beach Boys-Surfin' USA-ST 1890-$10.00
7.Be Bop Deluxe-Modern Music-ST-11575-$10.00
9.Free-Free Live-SP-4306-$12.00
10.Chick Corea-The Leprechaun-PD-6062-$10.00
11.The Nice-Autumn to the Spring-CAS-1-$7.00
12.Rolling Stones-Still Life COC-39113-$12.00
13.The Zombies-Early Days-PS-557-$20.00
14.Aerosmith-Toys in the Attic-PC-33479-$6.00
15.Cream-Live Cream-SD-33-328-$10.00
16.Eagles-On the Border-7E-1004-$8.00
17.Rolling Stones-Big Hits High Tide and Green Grass-NPS-1-$15.00
18.Jeff Beck-Flash-FE-39483-$7.00
19.Buffalo Springfield-Last Time Around-SD-33-256
20.Steve Miller Band-Fly like an Eagle-ST-11497-$8.00
21.Blind Faith-Blind Faith-SD-33-304-$12.00
22.Jefferson Airplane-Crown of Creation-LSP-4058-$7.00
23.Motley Crue-Shout at the Devil-9-60289-1-$30.00
24.Eric Clapton/Jack Bruce/Ginger Baker-The Early Cream-SPB-4037-$10.00
25.Led Zeppelin-2-SD-8236-$20.00
26.Neil Young-After the Gold Rush-RS-6383-$10.00
27.Bob Dylan-Highway 61 Revisited-CS-9189-$15.00
28.Beatles-Second Album-ST-2080-$25.00
29.Beatles-Let it Be-AR-34001-$15.00
30.Triumph-Just A Game-AYL-1-4784-$10.00
31.Carlos Santana &Buddy Miles-Live-KC-31308-$8.00
1.Pink Floyd-Ummagumma-(2)-STBB-388-$25.00
2.Johnny Winter-Saints and Sinners-KC-32715-$7.00
3.Mott the Hoople-Mott-KC-32425-$6.00
4.Kinks-Kinks Size-R-6158 Mono-$20.00
5.Spencer Davis Group-I'm a Man-UAL-3589 Mono-$10.00
6.Jethro Tull-Heavy Horses-CHR-1175-$6.00
7.Slade-Slade Alive-PD-5508-$25.00
8.Rolling Stones-Get Yer Ya Ya's Out-SKL-5065(England)-$15.00
9.Who-Its Hard-9-237231-1-$6.00
10.Rolling Stones-Emotional Rescue-COC-16015-$10.00
11.Who-Live at Leeds-DL-79175-$20.00
12.Rolling Stones-Dirty Work-OC-40250-$12.00
13.Humble Pie-Performance Rockin' the Fillmore-(2)-SP-3506-$10.00
14.Grand Funk Railroad-Closer to Home-SKAO-471-$8.00
15.Captain Beyond-Captain Beyond-CP-0105-$20.00
16.Jethro Tull-War-CHR-1067-$6.00
17.Jo Jo Gunne-Jo Jo Gunne-SD-5053-$6.00
19.Cream-Live Cream Vol.2-SD-7005-$12.00
20.Rolling Stones -Goats Head Soup-COC-59101-$15.00
21.Bob Dylan-Greatest Hits Vol.2-(2)-KG-31120-$17.00
22.James Gang-The Best Of-ABCX-774-$6.00
23.Spirit-Best of Spirit-KE-32271-$6.00
24.Jethro Tull-Live Bursting Out-(2)-CH2-1201-$10.00

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